Shop for coffee beans your taste buds have longed for. Dancing Goat coffee beans are roasted carefully to make milk-based coffees literally the best ever.

Like cow’s milk cafe lattes? You’ll love Dancing Goat coffee beans.

Stir crazy for soy milk macchiatos? You’ll go bonkers for Dancing Goat coffee beans.

Our coffee beans come from around the world. Well, ok, that’s not strictly true. Our beans are generally from Indonesia, India, and El Salvador.

But why? Why so few origins and countries represented? That’s because the four countries mentioned above are where the best beans for milk-based coffees come from. Well, there and at the Dancing Goat shop.

What you’re looking for are big and bold flavours: chocolates, cocoa, tobacco, spices, dirt (yes, even dirt). It’s these flavours that taste so great in your cafe latte.

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