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You won’t find too many South American coffee beans at Dancing Goat Coffee Roasters. They’re generally a bit blah for milk-based coffees.

That’s not the case with El Salvador coffee beans though.

A bit about El Salvador coffee beans

Even though it’s a teeny tiny country in the scheme of things, El Salvador was once the fourth largest coffee producer in the whole entire world.

Coffee’s been growing in El Salvador since the 1880s, and has been the country’s major source of income ever since.

Over-dependence on coffee has led to some shocking events: 30,000 people shot in the 1930s, and a civil war from 1979 through to 1992. Hardcore.



caramel, brown sugar, raisins

Our tasting notes read "delicious". Literally, one word. Hmm, how to pad this out? How about: caramel, brown sugar, and raisins with a buttery body?



chocolate, spices of some sort, cocoa

This sensuous bean is infused with the slight brush of acidic lips delivered gently in a cocoa-flavoured kiss. It's chocolatey, too.