India Monsoon Malabar roasted coffee beans

India Monsoon Malabar roasted coffee beans

The India Monsoon Malabar coffee bean tastes best three weeks after the roast date. A pungent, smokey delight with flavours of nuts, caramel, and tobacco.

It's super yum, honest!

The low acidity of this coffee allows the flavors to linger on your palate, leaving a smooth and satisfying aftertaste. The monsooning process gives the coffee a distinctive character, with flavors that are less bright and fruity than other coffee varieties, but more robust and full-bodied. 

This coffee is grown in the Malabar region of India, where the beans are carefully harvested and then subjected to a unique monsooning process. The beans are exposed to the humid monsoon winds that sweep across the coast, causing them to absorb moisture and swell in size. This process gives the coffee its distinctive flavor profile and aroma, making it a popular choice among coffee connoisseurs.

With its bold and full-bodied taste, Indian Monsoon Malabar coffee boasts a rich and complex flavor that is both earthy and spicy. Its low acidity and high caffeine content make it the perfect morning cup to kick-start your day, or a satisfying pick-me-up during a busy afternoon.


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