Drink coffee with milk?

You’d better grind these coffee beans

Single origin coffee beans roasted to taste best with milk

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These are the coffee beans you’re looking for



nutty, caramel, tobacco

The Indian Monsoon Malabar coffee bean tastes best three weeks after the roast date. A pungent, smokey, flavoursome delight.



chocolatey, earthy, caramely

Indonesian Mandheling coffee tastes like dirt (but that's a good thing). Forest floor flavours (not even joking), chocolate, and sort of caramelised sugar.



dark chocolate, dark caramel, darkish berries

The Sumatra Mandheling Kuda Mas is the 'drink it any time, day or night' coffee. Give it to non-coffee drinkers. Probably babies, even.

$20.00 every 2 weeks


loads of different flavours, probably

Who knows what you'll receive in this super surprising lucky dip of fortnightly goodness. Chocolate, cocoa, tobacco, syrupy fruits, earthiness, spices - who knows!



chocolate, spices of some sort, cocoa

This sensuous bean is infused with the slight brush of acidic lips delivered gently in a cocoa-flavoured kiss. It's chocolatey, too.



dark chocolate, spices, mushrooms

You want creamy? You want rich? You want earthy and spicy and mushroomy? You can have all that plus what's best described as a vibrant acidity and a long finish.



milk chocolate, hazelnut, spices

Like a hot chocolate coffee for when you don't want to be hit over the head with a saucepan of intense flavours. It's mellow and smooooth.

$30.00 every 2 weeks


lots of different flavours (more than likely)

Who knows what you'll receive in this super surprising lucky dip of fortnightly goodness. Chocolate, cocoa, tobacco, syrupy fruits, earthiness, spices ...


caramel, chocolate, sweet stewed fruit

Super smooth and incredibly sweet. If you need sugar added to this coffee, you must really like sweet things. That's all we're saying.

$40.00 every 4 weeks


this is the coffee subscription you've been looking for

Get 4 bags of roasted coffee every 4 weeks. Coffee beans sourced from Indonesia, El Salvador, India, and beyond.


molasses, honey, chocolate

It's well-balanced with a solid body. Yeah, that's right, it's pretty much the perfect cup of coffee if you're into a full flavour buzz.


chocolate, spices, caramel

There's even hints of sugar cane in here, it's all happening. Finished off with a sweet acidity (!) and gorgeous aroma.

Why buy coffee beans from dancing goats?

Dancing Goat Coffee is the first coffee roaster in Australia dedicated to roasting beans specifically for use in your milk-based coffee.

Other roasters sell beans for espresso. Not us. Well, our roasted coffee beans taste mighty fine as espresso and cold pours and the like, but they’re primarily for the discerning milk coffee drinker.

Plus, Dancing Goat coffee beans don’t cost too much. We’re a bespoke, boutique beanery (with mad alliteration skills), so can keep our prices tasty for you.

Are these roasted coffee beans only for milk-based drinks?

Ah, good question. They’re absolutely grand as espresso. However, they’re all pretty bold coffee beans. You need to enjoy chocolates and spices and dirt and tobacco and caramel and the like. No light, fruity flavours here.

Every single Dancing Goat coffee bean is roasted specifically to bring delight to ANY milk-based coffee drinker’s soul. 

Craving cow’s milk? These coffee beans are udderly delicious in your cafe latte.

Striving for soy milk? We’re all soy coffee drinkers at the Goatery, so …

Admiring almond milk? Add ém to your Americano with avarice.

Considering coconut milk? Your cappuccinos will cavort carousingly.

Occupied by oat milk? Ok, you get the idea.

Different delicious aroma. So earthy and strong and works perfectly with Bonsoy.

John / Burwood East, VIC

Dancing Goat coffee tastes good.

Stephen / Fairfield, VIC

I’m so totally a Dancing Goat coffee fanboi!

John W / Glen Waverley, VIC

Roasted pleasantly on the Mornington Peninsula of Melbourne

The Mornington Peninsula

Home to Dancing Goat Coffee Roasters, Australia’s first coffee roasters dedicated to coffee that tastes great in lattes and flat whites (and cappuccinos and macchiatos, too).