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Dancing Goat Coffee Roasters imports specially chosen green coffee beans from around the world. These coffee beans are roasted to taste best in café latte, cappuccino and flat white. This image shows workers drying coffee beans in the field.

Choosing coffee is hard

Dancing Goat Coffee Roasters was established to solve the biggest problem facing Australian coffee drinkers today: how to find good coffee beans for their milk-based coffee.

Most coffee roasters roast their green beans with espresso in mind.
Think apple flavours, stewed fruits, plums, flowery flavours and citrus. And those beans are often roasted pretty light. Which means more acidity in the roasted bean.

A photo of coffee beans from above

Most coffee is wrong in milk

That’s all fine and dandy if you’re into black espresso coffee. Buuuuut, you’re not. So what do those fruity coffee beans mean for the poor old milk coffee drinker?

Those acidic roasts are nasty in certain milk coffees – particularly soy milk. The acids love to curdle soy milk.

Plus, those delicate fruity and floral flavours tend to get lost in milk coffees. You end up with a slightly sweet, bland, hot cup of blah.

A photo of three different Dancing Goat Coffee Roasters beans for sale

Dancing Goat coffee is right

We’re roasting coffee beans that belong in milk-based coffees made with soy milk and cow’s milk and walrus milk and whatever milk takes your fancy.

Big and bold or mellow and smooth, spicy and sweet, chocolates and cocoa – coffees that kick.

One last thing, we only sell single origin coffee beans, no blends. Why? Because the coffee blend doesn't exist that beats a single origin coffee for flavour in a milk coffee. There, we said it.