Peru Cajamarca roasted coffee beans

Peru Cajamarca roasted coffee beans

Peru Cajamarca coffee beans are classic Dancing Goat flavours: chocolate and nuts. No mucking around. There’s a whisper of acidity, a sprig of herbs, and a freight train of a finish. Iconic.

There’s a bit to unpack with the Peru Cajamarca HB MCM Grade 1 coffee bean (to use its full name). Namely, what’s with the initialisms? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

HB = Hard Bean, an industry term that classifies these coffee bean as having been grown ~1200 metres above sea level. At that altitude, the beans are denser (and theoretically nicer tasting).

MCM = Machine Cleaned Mejorado, a method of sorting and grading coffee beans. Again, this ensures better quality beans.

Grade 1 = now they’re just showing off. Grade 1 coffee beans are the best of the best, showing no inherent defects.

Anyway, they're yummo.

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